The Grand Tour Project

A dream which became (almost) true



As far as I've obtained a degree in "Cultural Heritage Preservation" at the end of the 90s (and being a true nerd myself) I've decided to connect my love for information tecnology and italian history together.

The result was the "Grand Tour Project".

It consisted mainly in an app for Android and iOS which, after having geolocalized the user, it would have offered him/her the capability to buy a documentary regarding the place he's/she's going to visit. For example, if you were in the middle of Ferrara in Italy,  the app would have offered you the occasion to buy some documentaries regarding the Cathedral of St. George or the Estensi's Castle.
The price was really low: less than an espresso coffee! 

Every documentary was fully commented in italian, english, french and german languages, each one coming with their own sets of subtitles: the video footage was shot in FullHD 1080p with high end camcorders.
Very often you may find even 3D reconstructions of ancient monuments for the sake of better understanding the explanations.

Was it a success? Well... no!
The reasons are more than one but I think my project was a little ahead of its time as it was realised in 2014: the most advanced smartphone at that time was the iPhone 5 (!) and video broadcasting was quite common but certainly not as common as today's standards.
So I've decided to put all the videos for free on the Grand Tour Project channel on YouTube, in order to make everyone enjoy my work and the efforts of the team which helped me a lot during that period.