A space for my ideas.

A simple website where I put musical ideas and some little programming solutions.


As far as it's never easy to give an idea of yourself to others, I'll try nevertheless.

  • I'm a musical composer: you'll be able to listen to my music on SoundCloud  and on my YouTube channel . I write mainly for Marco Cappelli's podcast "Storia d'Italia".
  • I'm a documentarist and a video creator: see the footage on The Grand Tour Project on YouTube.
  • I'm a decent programmer: I code in XOJO and a little in C. On this website you'll be able to download a good SYSEX editor for Behringer's Deepmind family of synthetizers. And if you're unlucky enough to be italian, there's a program that allows you to read electronic invoices

You'll find out all sort of informations by clicking on the menu.