The Bandoneon Chords Tutor

Probably the only free chord manual for the bandoneon!


Being a tango dancer and a musician in the very same time can really lead to unexpected results.

Long time ago, around 2007, me and my wife fell in love with tango: I loved so much the music, the energy, the pace and the melancholic sound.
So, one day, I've decided to buy an Alfred Arnold bandoneon via Mercado Pago directly from Argentina: it was such a wonderful instrument, fully in tune with zinc reeds, a marvellous piece from the Golden Age of argentinian tango.

At the time there were several manuals and books on learning the bandoneon but there were no tutorials for creating simple chords with these instrument; that's the main reason I've created one myself!
I've decided to construct a "chord companion",  a sort of table to play chords on the 142 bandoneon with argentinian layout.
The Tutor contains five types of chords: major, minor, suspended, dominant seventh, minor with dominant seventh. All of them are relative to the LEFT hand/keyboard  and are displayed both in opening and closing the bellow.

I know it may be of little help, as far as there are more chords to deal with in music, but it's a start nonetheless.
The Tutor comes FREE FOR EVERYONE: nobody is allowed to sell a single copy of this PDF. If you encounter someone selling this, please inform me about it.



Here is the download link:

The Bandoneon Chords Tutor Original PDF