Storia d'Italia MP3s

The musical backgrounds for Marco Cappelli's podcast


For this podcasts several musics have been made but not all of them are accompanied by a video like the ones you may find on YouTube.
Hence I've decided to put every music I've made on this page.
As usual, you may dowload them for free but if you're feeling quite generous you can use the button below to make your own donation using the button below:


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After the siege 

Agni Parthene 

Ancient Halls 

Ballata d'inverno 

Belisarius Memories 


Desert Sands 

Fusion Monks 

Greek Ruins 

Pagan Kirie 

Langobard's Song 

Langobard's Theme - piano version 

Mascagni in Jazz 


Obscure Lagoon 

Plague of Justinian 



Sonatina n.1 

Sons of the Wind 

Tema del Papato 

The Langobards 

The Siege 

The Siege - enduring battle 

Tra Est ed Ovest 

Tra le nebbie 

War, again...